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The possibilities are endless with City Drive. They say sky is the limit and they’re right! Earn money with:

With us, you will become the king of the city.

Check out why it’s worth driving with City Drive.

Because you can count on us

No worries about ZUS, equipment, and other stuff - we provide everything you need.  

Because it pays off for you

You don’t need to have your own business. We sign a contract with you under the lowest commission in the game. And the payment is always on time.  


10 delivery apps and 1 contract. Sounds good? Work for whoever you want and increase your chances for a huge payout.

Because we're on the same team

Recommend City Drive to your friends and earn cash - even a 40 PLN bonus if the person you refer joins our team of couriers. Are you in? 


Bike rental offer

Bike rental offer

You know you have total freedom with us. You can deliver by car, bicycle, scooter, on foot, or even on stilts. Okay, maybe skip the last option. We may have something better for you. 

In City Drive, you can rent an electric bike that will make your work easier and provide super comfort during rides. It has never been this enjoyable before. 
Durable battery - you can ride up to 60 km on a single charge. 

Low costs - charging costs around 15 cents only. Seriously, it's almost cost-free! And… Money, money, money - you can make deliveries 30% faster and simply earn more. 

Can you feel the wind in your hair? And that’s just the first level of assistance! 


Rent e-bikes

Let’s go!


Click the become a City Driver button at the top of the page and proceed to our panel. We need your details to recruit you! 


Create an account in the City Drive panel. Enter your details and select the apps you want to work for. 
Not sure which one to choose? Get in touch with us. We'll advise you Email:, phone: 730 000 310


You’ll find a welcome email in your inbox. Read it and follow the instructions. There will be tips that will make it easier for you to get started. 


Pick up the necessary equipment, enter the app, and hit the road, Jack! You can pick up the equipment from our office or have it delivered by courier. That's it! Orders are already waiting for you! 

See what we can do

City Drive is more than just a regular partner of Bolt Food. With us, you can really thrive! We guide you from A to Z. Step by step.

Work should be enjoyable for you, which is why we take care of all the paperwork. We provide a quick start because we know that time is money.

And one more thing. We're humans too; we also deal with offices and have faced misunderstandings from employers (more than once or twice). That's why your comfort is so important to us.

Become a City Driver and remember that you can always count on us. Write, call, visit our office. We're waiting!


  • Legal employment (contract of mandate or B2B)
  • Insurance
  • Assistance with legalizing your stay
  • Provided equipment
  • Electric bike rental and service
  • 50% VAT refund for work accessories
  • Support from an experienced supervisor
  • Access to the largest courier groups on Facebook
  • Instant contact: Messenger, Telegram, Instagram
  • Events and integrations
  • Contests and company merchandise
  • Referral program

We have a record! The most active courier earned this much last week.


We serve our couriers in so many cities


We have this many bikes in our fleet


This many couriers ride with City Drive.

How much does it cost?

Considering that we are the cheapest settlement partner, it's really very little. With us, there are no tricks or fine prints - we always charge you the same fixed amount.
Bolt Food Uber Eats Jush! glovo xl
15 PLN
25 PLN
30 PLN
19 PLN
Xpress Delivery
39 PLN
33 PLN



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City Drive? I recommend it!

See what couriers say about us

"I've been working with City Drive for 1.5 years, and I think they are doing a great job! I've never had any problems with them, everything is paid on time, and there are no discrepancies. A big plus is the quick contact, even through Facebook. I recommend them!"

Dominika Wieruszewska

"I highly recommend City Drive as a fleet partner. I had a very pleasant and friendly experience there, I got detailed information regarding working as a courier on different platforms, thanks to them my Glovo account is activated and I can finally start delivering. Dziękuję!"


"In my humble opinion, this is the best fleet partner in Poland! Affordable settlements, timely payments, professional and helpful support. I definitely recommend!!!"

Roman Helbych

"Hello dear friends, I recommend working with this partner (City Drive Warsaw). It's a good company, and the partnership taxes are cheaper. They quickly and efficiently do their job, and the employees are kind and lovely. "

Didar Allayarow

"I've been with them for two years and I have no reason to complain, quite the opposite, I praise and recommend them. From a technical standpoint, everything is easy and transparent, the dashboard is user-friendly and explains everything regarding fees and earnings. Best regards."

Mariusz Kroplewski

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