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Work as a courier: Bolt Food

Working with Bolt Food is great. There is no schedule, so I jump on my bike when I have time and make money on my own terms. Payout every Tuesday in the account - just what I was looking for."

Aleks, 24

Work as a courier: Bolt Food

Working with Bolt Food is great. There is no schedule, so I jump on my bike when I have time and make money on my own terms. Payout every Tuesday in the account - just what I was looking for."

Aleks, 24

What's Bolt Food, you ask?

What's Bolt Food, you ask?

Bolt Food is one of the most popular delivery apps, available in 19 countries. Couriers love working for it, and takeout enthusiasts gladly order food from it due to frequent promotions. Have you tried it yourself? 

Fast delivery right to your doorstep? That's Bolt Food for you. Join the team of couriers and become a part of the green squad that's conquering Gdańsk, Kraków, Łódź, Poznań, Warsaw, Wrocław, Toruń, Gorzów Wielkopolski i Śląsk (Katowice, Chorzów, Dąbrowa Górnicza, Sosnowiec). Deliver in the morning or evening, on weekdays or weekends – whatever suits you.

You'll need a smartphone with internet, a local SIM card, and any vehicle. In return, you get cool earnings, flexible work hours, and bonuses that'll fill up your wallet. We think it's worth it, but see for yourself!

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Hit the road. Bolt Food is waiting!

Weekly payment

No need to wait, we pay out your earnings after every weekend. 

Can I owe you a penny?

Most customers pay in the app, but it’s good to have some cash in case of an emergency. 

Fixed schedule? Not here.

At Bolt Food, there are no rigid working hours. Your friends suddenly canceled plans? Just open the app. It operates from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM.

Tips are all yours

Being a good courier pays off, and extra cash always comes in handy ;) A simple “Have a good day” or “Enjoy your meal” - that’s all it takes! 


That's how many Bolt Food couriers drive with City Drive


This is the average monthly salary of a Bolt Food courier


That's how much a courier earns on average per delivery 


This is the average number of deliveries completed by a courier per week


This is how much the best City Drivers working for Bolt Food earn per week 

See what we can do

City Drive is more than just a regular partner of Bolt Food. With us, you can really thrive! We guide you from A to Z. Step by step.

Work should be enjoyable for you, which is why we take care of all the paperwork. We provide a quick start because we know that time is money.

And one more thing. We're humans too; we also deal with offices and have faced misunderstandings from employers (more than once or twice). That's why your comfort is so important to us.

Become a City Driver and remember that you can always count on us. Write, call, visit our office. We're waiting!

Working with City Drive means: 


  • Legal employment (contract of mandate or B2B)
  • Insurance
  • Assistance with legalizing your stay
  • Provided equipment
  • Electric bike rental and service
  • 50% VAT refund for work accessories
  • Support from an experienced supervisor
  • Access to the largest courier groups on Facebook
  • Instant contact: Messenger, Telegram, Instagram
  • Events and integrations
  • Contests and company merchandise
  • Referral program

No biggie!
Our commission is only 15 PLN

No biggie!
Our commission is only 15 PLN

We charge you 15 PLN for each started week of work. And you can drive as much as you want without any worries. Decided to take a break from deliveries for a whole billing week? The money stays in your account. 

We always make sure you can earn a lot. We don't hide the rates because there's no need to. 

Do you want to work for 1 app or 8? It makes no difference. We sign 1 contract and charge a commission for each application - without any additional percentages and obligations. 

We know the best solutions for your wallet, believe us.

Join the City Drivers team

We won't show you a long list of conditions you need to meet to work with us. Why? Because we have just a few.

In Bolt Food, you need to be of legal age. Additionally, you need a thermal backpack, a vehicle, and an ID document - either an ID card or a passport. Psst! We admire your enthusiasm for learning, but we don't accept school IDs.


Ready? Go to the courier panel and become one of us. Provide your details and wait for our response.

We will contact you by email or phone. Hint: answer calls from unknown numbers - it might be us ;).


Sign the contract and provide your bank account number in the courier panel. Now, fill out the application for a Bolt Food courier and indicate that we are your partner. Our NIP (Tax Identification Number) is: 8982269379.


Download the Bolt Food Courier app on Android or iOS and get started!

Hey, do you have the equipment? Contact us, and we’ll get you a thermal bag, a bike and everything you need. You can count on us. 

Know the answer to your question

To work in Bolt Food, you need to be of legal age, have a smartphone with a Polish SIM card and internet access, a valid photo ID document, and a fleet partner (City Drive). 

Earnings in Bolt Food depend on factors such as location and the hours you deliver orders. The top Bolt Food couriers earn up to 5,000 PLN per month with City Drive. 

No! In Bolt Food, there is no schedule. You work when you want and as many hours as you like. The app operates 7 days a week, from early morning to late evening (depending on the hours of operation of the restaurants it works with). 

Bolt Food activates accounts 2-3 times a week, so you shouldn't wait longer than a few days. If it does happen, though, send an email to support:

City Drive pays for work in Bolt Food once a week. The payment will be in your account on Monday or Tuesday. 


Combine work with Bolt Food and:

Bolt Food at City Drive? I recommend it!

"I wholeheartedly recommend working with Bolt Food! I've never had any issues, the app works better than others, all the necessary information is in the panel, and most importantly, the payment is always on time."


“I wanted to work as a courier and City Drive helped me. I like Bolt Food, because there’s no schedule, and there are additional bonuses for working on the weekends. I combine Bolt Food with Uber Eats and it’s great! You can earn good money.” 


“I can recommend it. Bolt Food is one of the apps that I work with in City Drive. Everything on one contract, I don’t have to worry about insurance, and I work when I want to.”


And grab your first order