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Work as a courier: Jush

Working at Jush means short deliveries, a cool team, and decent money. It's the perfect solution for a student or anyone who just wants to earn some extra cash. I'm satisfied with it."

Monika, 22

Work as a courier: Jush

Working at Jush means short deliveries, a cool team, and decent money. It's the perfect solution for a student or anyone who just wants to earn some extra cash. I'm satisfied with it."

Monika, 22

What’s the deal with Żabka Jush?

What’s the deal with Żabka Jush?

What can you compare Jush to? It's like your favorite neighbor who always lends a helping hand. They may not watch your dog or fix a leaking faucet, but they'll deliver the products you need!

Jush delivers from Żabka, and you surely know Żabka - small, green, and full of food! Just because you have it next door doesn't mean you have to walk for groceries. That's where the amazing Jush couriers come in.

It's not an exaggeration. Żabka Jush couriers stand out because they deliver orders within 15 minutes, and their services are available in Warsaw and Kraków.

Do you live in one of these cities? We're probably waiting for you. Apply to Jush... now!

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Hit the road. Jush is waiting!

Weekly payment

At Jush, you don't have to wait for anything. Everything is quick and easy there. You'll find the money in your account every Wednesday or Thursday - if you don't believe it, check it out.

No car needed

You don't need a car to make deliveries from Żabka, as the average distance to travel is 2 km. However, a bike or scooter is welcome, along with a phone with internet access and a positive attitude.


What's cool about Jush is that besides the hourly rate, you get a bonus for each order in most cities! And if there's no order at the moment, you can hang out in a special chill room and enjoy your discount on Żabka products. 


You work on a schedule, but that's probably not a problem because you get a guaranteed hourly rate (and it's pretty good). There's no minimum number of hours to work - you can do it every day from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM.


That's how many Jush couriers drive with City Drive


This is the average monthly salary of a Jush courier


That's how much a courier earns on average per delivery 


This is the average number of deliveries completed by a courier per week


This is how much the best City Drivers working for Jush earn per week

See what we can do

City Drive is more than a regular Żabka Jush fleet partner. We’ve got your back! We guide you from A to Z. Step by step.

Work should be enjoyable for you, so we take care of all the paperwork. We provide an express start because we know that time is money.

And one more thing. We’re humans too, we also run errands, and we’ve also (more than once) encountered misunderstanding from employers. That’s why your comfort is so important to us.

Working with City Drive means: 


  • Legal employment (contract of mandate or B2B)
  • Insurance
  • Assistance with legalizing your stay
  • Provided equipment
  • Electric bike rental and service
  • 50% VAT refund for work accessories
  • Support from an experienced supervisor
  • Access to the largest courier groups on Facebook
  • Instant contact: Messenger, Telegram, Instagram
  • Events and integrations
  • Contests and company merchandise
  • Referral program

No biggie!
Our commission is only
15 PLN

No biggie!
Our commission is only
15 PLN

Once a week, we deduct 15 zł from you (and that's probably less than for your lunch set from Żabka) and you can work as much as you want! No worries at all. If you don't complete any orders in a given billing week, we won't deduct any money from you. We’re fair.

Want to work for 1 app or 8? It doesn't matter to us. We sign 1 contract and take a commission for each app - no additional percentages or commitments.

We know the best solutions for your wallet, believe us.

Join the City Drivers team

We won't show you a long list of conditions you need to meet to work with us. Why? Because we have just a few.

As a Jush courier, you must be at least 18 years old. It's important that you can communicate effectively in Polish or English. You'll also need a bag, a vehicle, and a document - either an ID card or a passport. We appreciate your enthusiasm for learning, but we don't accept school ID cards.


Let us know that you want to become a courier and apply on the Jush website. Wait until we get in touch with you and follow the instructions.

Don't worry, it's not difficult. Really!


Go to our courier panel and join the City Drive team. Provide your details and wait for contact from our side. Answer calls from unknown numbers - it might be us ;)


Sign the contract (you'll find it in our panel) and provide your bank account number for your payment. Remember that the information in your panel must match the details you provided in the Jush form. Grab your backpack and go!

Know the answer to your question

Jush has specific rules regarding the weight of orders from Żabka - they cannot weigh more than 9kg. The package can contain a maximum of 25 different products.

City Drive pays the salary for work with Bolt Food on a weekly basis. The payment will be available in your account on Wednesday or Thursday.

To work with Jush, you must be at least 18 years old. You also need a phone and a vehicle (bicycle or scooter). You'll need a work permit in Poland, a valid ID document, and a fleet partner (City Drive). And one more thing! You must be able to communicate effectively in Polish or English.

Żabka Jush couriers have a hybrid earnings model: they receive a guaranteed hourly rate plus payment for each order. You can also count on bonuses in most cities. The top-performing Jush couriers can earn up to 11,000 PLN per month with City Drive. 

Yes! At Żabka Jush, you work on a schedule, but there is no minimum number of orders you must fulfill per day or per month. You work as much as you want and whenever you want (you can work daily from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM).


Combine work with Jush and:

Jush at City Drive? I recommend it!

"I work a few days a week, and it's a pleasure. High pay rate and discounts on Żabka products. Awesome!"


"What I appreciate the most are the high rates that Jush offers. Plus, when there are no orders, I can hang out in the chill room and don't have to roam around the city"


"Short trips, cool bonuses, and a chance to ride a bike. I have nothing to complain about."


And grab your first order