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Work as a courier: Stuart

I've been working at Stuart for a while now and I'm liking it. This app is less popular than others, which is a plus for me. It's also cool I can have terminal in my phone, something new!"

Kacper, 19

Work as a courier: Stuart

I've been working at Stuart for a while now and I'm liking it. This app is less popular than others, which is a plus for me. It's also cool I can have terminal in my phone, something new!"

Kacper, 19

What’s the deal with Stuart?

What’s the deal with Stuart?

Stuart came to us from France, and the term 'French elegance' fits it perfectly! It might happen that you'll have to deliver croissants or escargots, but much more often it will be pizza from Pizza Hut or chicken from KFC.

Stuart is still expanding and currently operates in 8 cities in Poland. Who are the lucky ones? It's Warsaw, Łódź, Toruń, Katowice, Poznań, Kraków, Szczecin, and Gdańsk. If you live in one of them, there's no time to waste! Hop on your bike and join the Stuwies (that's what Stuart couriers are called).

One more thing. Stuart is a brand unlike any other, but to find out what it's all about, you'll have to scroll down. Is it worth standing out? Hell yeah, especially with Stuart ;)

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Hit the road. Stuart is waiting!

Weekly payment

A new transfer in your account 4 times a month is the reality of working in Stuart. You can be sure that you'll never run out of cash, and you'll enjoy your payout every Wednesday.

What about the terminal?

Do you have an Android phone with NFC? YYou can accept card payments by bringing the card close to your phone! iPhone users need to purchase a Viva Wallet terminal - you can buy it from us!

On-slot only

In Stuart, you work on a schedule, and you can drop a shift a maximum of 24 hours before it starts. The app is active from 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM.. Bring cash (at least 150 PLN), necessary equipment, and start delivering orders!

Cool bonuses

An example? Combine deliveries and earn even more! You can also count on multipliers - deliver during peak hours and watch your payout grow, grow, and grow.


That's how many Stuart couriers drive with City Drive


This is the average monthly salary of a Stuart courier


That's how much a courier earns on average per delivery


This is the average number of deliveries completed by a courier per week


This is how much the best City Drivers working for Stuart earn per week 

See what we can do

City Drive is more than a regular Stuart fleet partner. We’ve got your back! We guide you from A to Z. Step by step.

Work should be enjoyable for you, so we take care of all the paperwork. We provide an express start because we know that time is money.

And one more thing. We’re humans too, we also run errands, and we’ve also (more than once) encountered misunderstanding from employers. That’s why your comfort is so important to us.

Working with City Drive means:


  • Legal employment (contract of mandate or B2B)
  • Insurance
  • Assistance with legalizing your stay
  • Provided equipment
  • Electric bike rental and service
  • 50% VAT refund for work accessories
  • Support from an experienced supervisor
  • Access to the largest courier groups on Facebook
  • Instant contact: Messenger, Telegram, Instagram
  • Events and integrations
  • Contests and company merchandise
  • Referral program

No biggie!
Our commission is only
25 PLN

No biggie!
Our commission is only
25 PLN

Once a week, we deduct 25 PLN from your earnings, and you can work as much as you want! And you don't have to worry about anything.

If you don't complete any deliveries during a given billing week, we won't take any money from you. We believe in fairness.

Want to work for 1 app or 8? It doesn't matter to us. We sign 1 contract and take a commission for each app - no additional percentages or commitments.

The best fleet partner for Stuart? Definitely City Drive.

Join the City Drivers team!

We won't show you a long list of conditions you need to meet to work with us. Why? Because we have just a few.

In Stuart, you can start working from the age of 16. You'll need to know basic Polish or English, have a bag and a vehicle, and a valid ID card or passport. We admire your enthusiasm for learning, but we don't accept school IDs.


Ready? Go to the courier panel and join us. Provide your details, and we'll contact you shortly! Answer calls from unknown numbers - it might be us ;)

Just a few more formalities - sign the contract and provide your bank


Now, apply to Stuart! They need to know that you want to work with them. Wait for their response - it should take a few days, and get your equipment ready! At Stuart, you need a thermal bag and a terminal, unless you have an Android smartphone with NFC - then you can process payments by tapping the customer's card to your phone.


Last few formalities. Since you'll be working on-slot, you'll need the Staffomatic app (Android or iOS). That's where you'll find your schedule and reserve your time slots. Good luck!

Need a bicycle? Let us know, we have something cool for you.

Know the answer to your question

Yes! When riding with Stuart, you can use any thermal bag with a minimum capacity of 60 liters. Remember, if you don't have an Android smartphone with NFC functionality, you'll need a Viva Wallet terminal. You can buy all the equipment from us—visit our Equipment for couriers page.

City Drive pays the earnings for work in Stuart on a weekly basis. The payment will appear in your account every Wednesday.

In Stuart, you can work from the age of 16. Basic knowledge of Polish or English is also required. To work with the app, you need to have a work permit in Poland, a smartphone with Android 5+ or iOS 10+ system, any vehicle, and a delivery bag (minimum 60 liters). You will also need a fleet partner (City Drive) who will handle all the formalities.

You can earn up to 25 PLN gross per hour in Stuart. Keep in mind that your earnings are also influenced by multipliers and bonuses that you receive, such as combining multiple deliveries. The average monthly earnings for a Stuart courier in City Drive are 4,500 PLN.

Yes, you work on a fixed schedule in Stuart. You can make deliveries 7 days a week during the operating hours of the app, which are from 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM. Stuart assigns you to specific restaurants, and you make deliveries within their area (=short trips).


Combine work with Stuart and:

Stuart at City Drive? I recommend it!

"I've been with Stuart for a few months and I can't complain about the earnings. Thanks to multipliers, you can make a lot of money."


"I work at Stuart and I have good earnings paid on time every week. The support is top-notch. I recommend it to everyone"


"At first, I was afraid of working with a terminal, but I somehow got used to it, and now it's no problem for me. I ride in Lodz, and there are days when I have a lot of deliveries."


And grab your first order