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In simple terms, City Drive takes care of ensuring that you receive your earnings when working as a courier. We handle insurance, invoicing, and provide support. 

As a courier or driver, you can't directly be employed by most transportation apps if you don't have your own business with the right profile (PKD). Moreover, working with an app can come with some challenges, such as the need to manage each delivery as a separate invoice. City Drive, as a fleet partner and your accounting office, makes this work easier by acting as a middleman between you and the app. We are responsible for your social security contributions, tax payments in accordance with Polish law, your accounting, and most importantly, ensuring that you receive your payment on time.

Additionally, we offer you much more: fuel discounts, a refund of half of the VAT on cost invoices. When you have a problem that needs clarification, our courier/driver support office is ready to assist you. 

You will find City Drive offices in 5 different cities in Poland. You can locate us in Warsaw, Wrocław, Łódź, Kraków, and Gdańsk. 

Here are the exact addresses:

  • Warsaw, ul. Tagore 3, 02-647
  • Wrocław, ul. gen. Józefa Bema 2, 50-265
  • Łódź, ul. Więckowskiego 1/1U, 90-411
  • Kraków, ul. Przewóz 39, 30-716
  • Gdańsk, ul. Słonimskiego 6/13, 80-280

We speak 4 languages. We can communicate in Polish, English, Ukrainian, and Russian. 

Would you like City Drive to become your fleet partner? We appreciate your interest. To join our team of couriers, you should sign a contract with us - this is a guarantee of legal employment. 

Go to our panel, register and fill in the necessary data. Then choose the applications you would like to work with (if you have any doubts, be sure to contact us - we'll advise you). In the e-mail we’ll send you, you will find instructions on how to proceed, which looks slightly different depending on which application you have chosen. Pick up the equipment you need or buy it from us and you can start working now. 

City Drive employs couriers throughout Poland. We’re wherever the applications we work with are available. Even if we don't have an office in your city, we are always in contact and are willing to start working together. Give us a call at 730 000 310 or write to

First of all, we offer the cheapest billing on the market for many applications. We know what is important to the courier. Our support often works more efficiently than application support. We provide easy contact, access to courier equipment, the best vehicle rental terms and general assistance at every stage of the job. 

City Drive is more than a billing partner. We are a recommended fleet partner for many apps, working closely with them. Our approach to courier also sets us apart. We focus on relationships - we want you to feel taken care of at every level. You can write to us with any question, our team of specialists will be happy to answer you. 

We also strive to educate couriers to provide applications with a quality fleet - this is what we are known for. We create a friendly courier environment on many social media channels, where couriers - ours and others - share their experiences. We are often the first to offer incoming projects and job opportunities. We reward the best couriers. Want to work with the best? Join us!

It's simple. For every friend you refer, you'll earn a bonus of 40 zł (2x20 zł) towards your earnings. 

How to do it? Log in to the City Drive panel, go to the "referral program" tab, and copy the link. You can also show your friends your unique QR code. Share it wherever you want! When the referred person completes their first and second settlement, you'll receive your 40 zł (2x20 zł) bonus.

All you have to do is terminate the contract with your previous partner and register in our panel. You can also visit one of our offices, write or call, and we will help you with everything. To terminate the contract with your previous partner, you just need to send an email stating the following information: your details, the data of the company with which you’re ending your partnership, the start date and the termination date of the contract. 

Remember to inform the app you work for about the change of partners. Each app has a slightly different process. For example, Glovo, Bolt Food, and Xpress Delivery change partners as quickly as possible, while Wolt will transfer you to us after the current billing period ends. It's best to contact the app and ask when the partner change will be accepted. If you earn anything during the transition, your previous partner should make a final payment, which you can also expect from us if you ever decide to end the cooperation. 

No! Being a courier doesn't require you to make significant sacrifices. You can work whenever you want - you set the days and hours of work. In some delivery apps, you may need to schedule yourself in advance, but there is no minimum number of hours you have to reserve. 
However, remember that the first payment of each month is subject to 
ZUS contributions. So, if you are not a student, you must earn at least 350 PLN for us to be able to settle the contract. If you have another job where you earn the minimum wage or more, this amount is reduced to a minimum of 295 PLN. Did you earn less? Don't worry! Your funds will be carried over to the next billing period and added to your future earnings. If you are a student, these regulations don’t apply to you. 

If you have one of the following documents, we can start working with you right away:

  • Student ID and a certificate of full-time studies 
  • Permanent residence card 
  • The Pole‘s Card 
  • Other document entitling you to work in Poland

If you don't have the appropriate document, don't worry! We can help you with the paperwork for the labor office and obtain a work authorization for 24 months. 

If you are a citizen of Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, or Armenia, you need to send the following documents (scanned or clear photos) to the email address with the title "Statement":

  • Passport - all pages with any annotations
  • Residence card or visa
  • Full name 
  • Phone number
  • Delivery app you work with 

For Ukrainian citizens, a passport and a document proving your legal stay in Poland are sufficient.

We enter into a contract of mandate with our couriers and drivers, so we recommend that you deregister from the Labor Office once you start working with us. Our contract provides you with health insurance. 

With this agreement, more cash stays in your pocket. The tax on the rental is 8.5%, and the premiums charged on the contract of assignment are even a little over 30%. Instead of paying premiums of 30% on your paycheck, all you have to do is pay 8.5% to the relevant tax office. 

PS We do not offer a rental agreement to students who are under the age of 26, as they are exempt from all fees on the assignment agreement and we count all their gross earnings as net. 

As a student, you should provide us with a certificate confirming your student status (from your current semester of study). You will get the certificate from your university, just ask. 

Of course you can! 

We run an accounting office that serves many self-employed couriers and drivers all over Poland. Why did they choose us? Thanks to this cooperation they save time and accounting costs, which are extremely low with us. We have an unbeatable offer, because we have specialized in the transportation industry for years. 

You have only one invoice to settle, not hundreds as before. Passenger invoices do not show your company's name, only ours. 

To start working you need to sign one of the following contracts with us: 

- Contract of mandate 
- Lease agreement 
- B2B cooperation 

If you are a foreigner, please contact us. We will help you choose the most favorable form of cooperation. 

A contract of mandate is a document that guarantees you Social Security insurance and the legality of your work. We offer it to all our employees, asking in advance for information about their situation (age, other work, student status). On the basis of this contract, we have to pay the relevant contributions. Their amount depends on the information provided and is outlined in the terms and conditions of cooperation.

You will need a written consent from your parent or legal guardian, as well as a current school ID for this semester. 

Click here to download the required consent form from City Drive for employing a minor. The applications where you can work from the age of 16 are Stuart, Wolt, DeliGoo, and Xpress Delivery. 

Contact us as soon as possible. We are not likely to make mistakes, but we can certainly explain where the amount came from and what fees were deducted. 

If your payment doesn't match what you see in the app, reach out to us. We'll do our best to quickly analyze your earnings and explain the discrepancy. 

City Drive charges a commission that varies depending on the application. Here's how it looks: 

- Żabka Jush: 15 PLN (weekly) 
- Bolt Food: 15 PLN (weekly)
- Uber Eats: 15 PLN (weekly) 
- Stuart: 25 PLN (weekly) 
- Wolt: 19 PLN (every week or 2 weeks) 
- Glovo: 30 PLN (every week or 2 weeks) 
- Xpress delivery: 39 PLN (every 2 weeks) 
- DeliGoo: 33 PLN (every 2 weeks) 
- Glovo XL: 15 PLN (weekly) 

It's difficult to talk about average earnings because couriers can be divided into two groups: 

1. Those who work part-time, combining it with other daily responsibilities. 

2. Those for whom working in delivery apps is their main source of income and they treat it like a full-time job. 

The first group earns an average profit of around 500 PLN per week, while the second group earns approximately 1,500-2,000 PLN per week. 

In City Drive, you can work for multiple apps and you won't incur any additional costs. You pay a commission for each app you drive for, and that's it. 

  • Glovo: Every week or 2 weeks (Thursday, Friday) 
  • Wolt: Every week or 2 weeks (Thursday, Friday) 
  • Żabka Jush: Every week (Wednesday, Thursday) 
  • Uber Eats: Every week (Tuesday) 
  • Stuart: Every week (Wednesday) 
  • Bolt Food: Every week (Monday, Tuesday) 
  • DeliGoo: Every 2 weeks 
  • xpress delivery: Every 2 weeks (Thursday, Friday) 
  • Glovo XL: Every week 

When working with us, you can take invoices for fuel, servicing, car parts and any accessories that are useful for your work. We will reimburse you for half of the VAT. After signing a contract of mandate with us, simply ask the cashier to issue an invoice with the following details: 

City Drive Polska sp. z o.o. sp.k.
ul. Gen. J. Bema 2
50-265 Wrocław
NIP 8982269379

If the invoice is for fuel, you will also need to provide the vehicle registration number you entered in our Panel at checkout. 

Invoice details: 
City Drive Polska sp. z o.o. sp.k. 
ul. Gen. J. Bema 2 
50-265 Wrocław 
VAT number: 8982269379 

If the invoice is for fuel, you will also need to provide the vehicle registration number you entered in our Panel at checkout. 

To submit an invoice, please follow these steps: 

1. Scan the invoice in PDF format. 

2. Upload the PDF file to the panel: 

3. Go to the "Add Invoice" tab. 

4. Upload the PDF file. If you don't have a scanner, you can use a free scanning app on your phone (e.g., Adobe Scan). Please note that photos in .jpg and .png format will be rejected. 

5. Choose whether you want to fill in the invoice details yourself or let us do it for you: - If you have the time, you can upload the scan and fill in the expense details yourself. We will process your invoice for free. 
 - If you prefer a quicker option, you can upload the scan without filling in the details, and we will complete it for you. There is a fee of 2 PLN for this service. 

We process invoices for the previous month until the 15th day of the following month. For example, invoices for December should be submitted by January 15th. 

By the 20th of each month, you must make a transfer of 8.5% on the amount of payment for vehicle rental to the tax office, form symbol: PPE. For ease of reference, the amounts are listed in our billing service. You make the transfers like any other transfer through a bank. All payments must be made to an individual bank account number, which you can generate for free here:

In the title you can specify the month and year to have a confirmation of the fee for the billing period.

In order to properly file your taxes, we need to know which Tax Office you belong to. If you're not sure, you can check it here using either your postal code or place of residence:

The incorrect way of calculating VAT is: 100 PLN * 8% = 8 PLN or 100 * 23% = 23 PLN. What's wrong? The tax amounts are calculated based on the net amount, not the gross amount. 

So, if we have our amount as 100 PLN, the calculations would be as follows:

- 8% rate 23% rate
- Net amount 92.60 PLN 81.30 PLN
- How to calculate? 92.60 PLN * 8% 81.30 PLN * 23% VAT amount 7.40 PLN 18.70 PLN
- Gross amount 92.60 PLN + 7.40 PLN = 100 PLN 81.30 PLN + 18.70 PLN = 100 PLN

Formula for the correct way of calculating VAT: VAT = Gross / (100 + X) * X → where X is the VAT tax rate. So, an 8% VAT tax on 100 PLN gross will be: 100 PLN / 108 * 8 = 7.40 PLN, and a 23% VAT tax on 100 PLN gross will be: 100 PLN / 123 * 23 = 18.70 PLN.

PIT-28 is only the settlement of the vehicle rental contract, PIT-11 is the settlement of the assignment contract. 

- Student – 0 PLN
- You have another job – 54.10 PLN
- You have another job and are under 26 years old - 26.10 PLN
- You work only with us – 133.10 PLN
- You work only with us and you are under 26 years old - 108.10 PLN

It's very simple. Go to the tab and check out how to become a courier in:
- Bolt Food -
- Wolt -
- Uber Eats -
- Glovo -
- Stuart -
- Jush -
- DeliGoo -
- Xpress Delivery -
- Glovo XL - 
- -

In City Drive, we have 8 courier apps to choose from. If you're not sure which one offers the best conditions for you, check out the "Work as a Courier" tab to see what it's like to work in each of them. 

Here are a few criteria you can consider when choosing an app: 

- The city where the app operates 
- Scheduled driving or flexible hours 
- Minimum age requirement (16 or 18 years old) 
- Required vehicle

By delivering by bicycle you certainly save on fuel and depreciation of the car, and the app allows a maximum distance of up to 7.5 kilometers. Driving by car you have no such limitations. A bicycle courier can count on short-distance courses with a smaller load. Scooter couriers have better performance in terms of time and can take longer distances, but the issue of load remains similar.
The courier who has a car will receive the largest orders and only to him the apps will assign long courses. In some apps, car couriers earn more because of the cost of fuel, or, conversely, earn less, but have their fuel reimbursement credited. 

Apps such as Glovo or Jush are very keen on couriers delivering by bike or scooter, due to the fact that these deliveries are faster. 

Depending on the app, the bag is either sent directly by the app you work for or by us from our office. Usually, the delivery of the bag takes 1-2 business days. Some apps provide the bags for free, while others send them and deduct the cost from your first settlement. 

Go to the tab, where you will find detailed information about it. Fill out the bag purchase form and wait for contact from us.

You can rent an electric bicycle from us! Other couriers praise it, so you will surely enjoy riding it too.

Go to the tab and learn more about renting an electric bicycle. Fill out the form you will find on the website, and we will contact you.

Unfortunately - we do not rent cars to couriers, but we have great electric bicycles available. Check out:

Yes! We have SumUp Air terminals available for purchase, which every Stuart courier needs. The cost of purchasing a terminal is 100 PLN. If you buy it as part of a set with a bag, the price will be 150 PLN for the complete set. 

You can work on multiple apps at the same time. Contact us to activate more apps for you. You don’t need to sign multiple contracts for this. One agreement is enough to hook up to all the apps. You can have all your billing in one place - in City Drive.

A zone is the area within which your app operates and in which you will deliver orders. When you open your app, you will probably see its zone on the map - it will be marked in color. When working, you should always be within the application's zone. When you start working, you are required to log into the app a moment before you start, already being inside the zone. Your phone must have geolocation enabled.

You can work as a driver in as many as 3 apps. These are the best on the market, namely FREENOW, Bolt and Uber. If you want to know the detailed terms of cooperation for each of these apps, then call our Customer Service (tel: 730 000 310).

You can work for 1, 2, or 3 applications, and nothing changes. We sign one contract with you, and that's it. Regardless of how many applications you work for, the commission is only 50 PLN + 1% of the gross amount from each billing period.
Do you want to connect to another app? Come to us or call us (phone: 730 000 310), and we will take care of everything.

To work as a taxi driver, you need to run your own business with the appropriate industry code (PKD). If you don't meet this requirement, you need a fleet partner with whom you will sign a contract. And that's where we come in. 

City Drive enables taxi drivers to work because we sign a contract with them, handle social security contributions, and pay taxes - all in accordance with the law. We are responsible for ensuring that your payment reaches you on time - we act as your accounting office and intermediary with the app.

There are also other reasons why it's worth being with us: we offer bonuses for referring friends, and a refund of half of the VAT from expense invoices. We always answer phone calls and messages. Seriously, you can count on us!

To become a driver, you need a car, a valid driving license of category B (or higher), and a fleet partner. There's one more important thing - you must be at least 18 years old (and if you want to work with the Uber app - you must have a minimum of 2 years of driving experience and be at least 20 years old). Visit the website to learn more about the details of working as a driver. 

The average earnings of drivers working on taxi apps vary depending on the number of hours worked. For drivers working less than 20 hours per week, the average income is around 600 - 800 PLN. Those working between 20 and 40 hours per week can earn up to 5,000 PLN. Drivers working over 40 hours per week in major cities can earn an average income of 8,247 PLN. 

You don’t need to be the owner of the vehicle to establish a rental agreement with us. All you need to do is provide us with a "vehicle lending" document from the owner of the vehicle (template downloadable online for free).

Yes! You can use a rented car, we just need a copy of the rental agreement. And if the rental invoices are issued in our company's name, we can include it as an expense and refund you half of the tax on the fees.

Unfortunately, neither our company nor the apps reimburse parking costs associated with work - except for parking fees at work with Xpress Delivery. Xpress Delivery pickup points are located in shopping malls, so the app guarantees no parking costs, but if such costs do occur - the app's employees will reimburse you for such charges. 

In other apps you may be charged for parking in a paid zone. Some couriers use "supply" or "transport" placards - city guards, police or building owners often look favorably on this. However, legally, it does not guarantee exemption from a fine. 

We will take care of the license for you, free of charge. The waiting time for the license should not exceed one month, but it depends on the work of the authorities in different cities in Poland.


Bolt Food activates accounts 2-3 times a week, so you shouldn't wait longer than a few days. If it does happen, though, send an email to support:

City Drive pays for work in Bolt Food once a week. The payment will be in your account on Monday or Tuesday. 

To work in Bolt Food, you need to be of legal age, have a smartphone with a Polish SIM card and internet access, a valid photo ID document, and a fleet partner (City Drive) or your own business.

Bolt Food support works very efficiently, just send an email:

Earnings in Bolt Food depend on factors such as location and the hours you deliver orders. The top Bolt Food couriers earn up to 5,000 PLN per month with City Drive. 

No! In Bolt Food, there is no schedule. You work when you want and as many hours as you like. The app operates 7 days a week, from early morning to late evening (depending on the hours of operation of the restaurants it works with). 

Bolt Food customers can pay for their order in the app or in cash to the courier. 

At Bolt Food, the courier's earnings are divided into 2 parts: the delivery fee that the customer pays in the app and the part that Bolt subsidizes. The part from the customer is settled in Poland, so VAT is 23%, and the part from Bolt is settled in Estonia and there VAT is 0. 

If the courier earned PLN 15, of which PLN 5 was from the customer, the net will be 10 + (5 - 23% VAT). Couriers see the customer's fee in the application as Delivery Fee.

To work with Wolt, you will need a bicycle backpack or a car bag (not necessarily with the Wolt logo). Once you complete 100 deliveries, you will be able to order from Wolt, for example, a t-shirt or rain pants. You will also need a bicycle, scooter, or car. 

City Drive pays your earnings for working with Wolt every week and every 2 weeks - choose the option that suits you best in the City Drive panel under the "profile" tab. Regardless of your choice, our commission is 19 PLN (collected either weekly or every 2 weeks). 

To work with Wolt, you must be 16 years old. You will also need a smartphone with a Polish SIM card and internet access, as well as identification documents and a vehicle. It is helpful if you know the basics of Polish or English. You will also need a fleet partner (City Drive). 

Earnings in Wolt depend on when you work. Wolt recommends being online when the "traffic in the area" status is described as "hot" or "normal" - that's when there are many orders and you can earn more. The best Wolt couriers earn up to 10,000 PLN per month with City Drive! 

No! There is no fixed schedule with Wolt. You work when you want and for how long you want. The operating hours of the app vary depending on the city you work in, and it looks like this:

  • Wrocław: 8:00 AM - 12:00 AM
  • Warsaw: 7:00 AM - 01:00 AM
  • Gdańsk & Sopot: 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM
  • Poznań: 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM
  • Kraków: 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM
  • Gdynia: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Szczecin: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Bydgoszcz: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Rzeszów: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Lublin: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Białystok: 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM
  • Katowice: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Łódź: 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM
  • Toruń 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Chęstochowa
  • Olsztyn

If such a situation occurs, please contact the Wolt Support Team, and they will send another courier to assist you. 

Contact the Wolt Support Team. They will escalate your request and keep you updated on the progress. 

You don't need to report anywhere that you want to take a break from delivering with Wolt. You can take breaks and vacations whenever you want. There's just one catch: If you don't make any deliveries for 60 days, Wolt will deactivate your account. 

In Wolt, the customer pays for the order through the app. 

The average weekly earnings in Uber Eats are currently around 900 PLN. The top performers at City Drive can even earn up to 9,000 PLN per month! It all depends on how many deliveries you complete. In Uber Eats, you can also expect additional bonuses, like delivering orders in rough weather conditions. 

City Drive pays your earnings for work in Uber Eats once a week. The payout will be in your account within a maximum of 4 business days after the app summarizes your earnings (Monday), but in practice we usually send payouts every Tuesday. 

Uber Eats collects 23% VAT calculated from the total sum of all bonuses, extras, or quests. The app displays the gross amount (including the 23% VAT). This tax will be paid to the Tax Office and is not an amount to be paid out. 


If you don't have a "Help" section in the Uber Driver app menu, you can contact support through the form on the website:

No! Uber Eats is one of those apps where there is no schedule. You work whenever you want and put in as many hours as you like.

During the registration process, the Uber Eats app will require the CEIDG/KRS registration or Business License. This document is provided by the fleet partner. Please provide us ( with the following information from the Uber Driver app: 

- First name and last name 
- Email address 
- Phone number 
- City and selected vehicle 

Invitations from the partner will appear in the Uber Driver app's "Inbox", and once the CEIDG registration is accepted, it will be automatically added to your account. Please note that sometimes, after accepting the invitation, Uber may re-verify previously submitted documents. 

In Uber Eats, cash payment is possible, so you need to have money to give the customer any necessary change. Remember that the customer is not obliged to pay the calculated amount, and polite delivery will allow you to earn tips :-) 

You don't have to report a break from delivering for Uber Eats anywhere - you can simply stop delivering whenever you want. Come back when it's convenient for you. 

Earnings in Glovo depend on the number of orders you fulfill. The more orders you deliver in the billing period, the more you will earn. Your earnings consist of the following elements: base rate, distance, waiting time, optional address change, bonuses, and challenges.

The top City Drive couriers earn up to 10,500 PLN per month in Glovo! 

City Drive pays your Glovo salary weekly or every 2 weeks. - Choose the convenient option for you in the City Drive panel in the "profile" tab. Regardless of your choice, our commission is 30 PLN (charged weekly or every 2 weeks). 

Your balance should be 70 PLN. If you actively work in the next billing period, the surplus is yours, and its value will be deducted from your payment for that billing period. 

If a courier doesn't have any slots reserved for the next week of work, they need to deposit cash using Cash Collect. Thanks to Glovo's collaboration with the DotPay system, you can deposit cash at any time. 

If a courier has less than 20 or exactly 20 slots reserved for the next week, their cash balance should be 35 PLN. Glovo will send a notification to inform the courier that they need to deposit the surplus amount into their account. 

If a courier has more than 20 slots reserved, their cash balance should be 70 PLN.

The Excellence Score allows you to check the reputation of a courier. It is determined by factors such as customer ratings and orders delivered during peak hours. The higher the courier's Excellence Score, the quicker they gain access to the calendar schedule. 

You have a choice - you can accept or reject orders, but keep in mind that it will likely affect your performance rating.

The Excellence Score is counted from the services performed by the courier in 28 days (with at least one booked block of time!) - this can be 28 days in a row or collected from 3 months in which the courier used the app. New couriers start earning points after 7 days of using the app. 

Everything you need as a courier can be found in the Glovo Store. Visit the website, choose the country you work in, create an account, log in and place an order. 

In Glovo, you can transport orders from restaurants, partner stores (such as Biedronka, Auchan, Circle K, Carrefour), and almost anything that fits in your backpack. Customers may also request the transportation of documents or house keys. If you want to read more about this topic, visit the Glovo website:

In Glovo, the customer can pay for the order either in cash to the courier or through the application. 

City Drive pays the earnings for work in Stuart on a weekly basis. The payment will appear in your account every Wednesday. 

Yes, you work on a fixed schedule in Stuart. You can make deliveries 7 days a week during the operating hours of the app, which are from 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM. Stuart assigns you to specific restaurants, and you make deliveries within their area (=short trips).

In Stuart, you can work from the age of 16. Basic knowledge of Polish or English is also required. To work with the app, you need to have a work permit in Poland, a smartphone with Android 5+ or iOS 10+ system, any vehicle, and a delivery bag (minimum 60 liters). You will also need a fleet partner (City Drive) who will handle all the formalities.

Yes! When riding with Stuart, you can use any thermal bag with a minimum capacity of 60 liters. Remember, if you don't have an Android smartphone with NFC functionality, you'll need a Viva Wallet terminal. You can buy all the equipment from us—visit our Equipment for couriers page.

You can earn up to 25 PLN gross per hour in Stuart. Keep in mind that your earnings are also influenced by multipliers and bonuses that you receive, such as combining multiple deliveries. The average monthly earnings for a Stuart courier in City Drive are 4,500 PLN.

The customer can pay for his order online or by cash or card at the courier. At Stuart, couriers need terminals, but if you have an Android smartphone with NFC, this rule does not apply to you - customers can make payments by tapping their card to your phone.

Stuart will help you with setting up the terminal on your phone. Here is the instruction they have prepared for you:

Jush has specific rules regarding the weight of orders from Żabka - they cannot weigh more than 9kg. The package can contain a maximum of 25 different products. 

City Drive pays the salary for work with Żabka Jush on a weekly basis. The payment will be available in your account on Wednesday or Thursday.

In addition to the Dark Store shift supervisor, you have the option of contacting the support team in the Jush employee app. 

To work with Jush, you must be at least 18 years old. You also need a phone and a vehicle (bicycle or scooter). You'll need a work permit in Poland, a valid ID document, and a fleet partner (City Drive). And one more thing! You must be able to communicate effectively in Polish or English. 

Żabka Jush couriers have a hybrid earnings model: they receive a guaranteed hourly rate plus payment for each order. The top-performing Jush couriers can earn up to 11,000 PLN per month with City Drive.

Yes! At Żabka Jush, you work on a schedule, but there is no minimum number of orders you must fulfill per day or per month. You work as much as you want and whenever you want (you can work daily from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM). 

No, although the assortment is similar. You deliver orders from a hidden store or warehouse (the so-called Dark Store) - each day of work you start and end at this specific location. If you don't happen to have orders to deliver, you can relax in the chill area, brew yourself a cup of coffee or tea, charge your phone and heat up a meal.

All payments are made in the app - so the courier doesn't worry about it. In Jush there is no possibility to pay by cash or card at the courier. 

In DeliGoo, you can deliver orders by car, bicycle, or scooter. You can contact us or the DeliGoo team, and we will advise you on the best solution for your city.

City Drive pays the wages for work in DeliGoo every 2 weeks. The payment will be deposited into your account on Monday or Tuesday.

The most important requirement is to be of legal age and have your own vehicle. You also need a fleet partner (City Drive) and a smartphone. 

In DeliGoo, you can expect a guaranteed hourly rate, which is slightly over 20 PLN (the exact amount may vary slightly depending on the region). The best City Drive couriers earn up to 6,500 PLN per month in DeliGoo.

Yes! In DeliGoo, you work on a schedule, and you can choose the days and hours that are convenient for you. The schedule is determined for a period of 2 weeks in advance. 

In DeliGoo, the customer can pay for the order online, as well as with cash or card to the courier. The courier is equipped with a terminal and sufficient cash resources. 

No, in Xpress Delivery, couriers deliver various products from the e-commerce sector, from stores such as CCC, e-obuwie, Decathlon, or IQOS. Dry, small and slick packages that you can take up to 5 or 7 at a time! 

City Drive pays the salary for work in Xpress Delivery every 2 weeks. So you can expect payment in your account twice a month. 

You need to be at least 16 years old, have any type of vehicle (although you can also use public transportation), and have a phone with internet access. You will also need a fleet partner (City Drive).

Rates vary depending on the city zone, but generally, the base rate for an order ranges from 13 PLN to 60 PLN. In reality, the average earnings for our drivers are 31 PLN per delivery! If the distance of your delivery exceeds 7 km, you will receive an additional 2 PLN for each extra kilometer. Additionally, you can handle up to 7 orders, and the rate is multiplied by 7. 

No, you work whenever and for however long you want. You have 1 hour from accepting the order to pick up the package. You don't need to declare a work schedule in the app. 

The courier doesn’t need to carry any cash. All he has to do is pick up the package from the store and deliver it to the customer. Zero cash turnover.

To register for the system, we only require basic information. We need to know your: first name, last name, email, phone number, PESEL number (Polish personal identification number), and details about the vehicle you will be using as a driver. Additionally, the courier will need to sign a property entrusted agreement for the goods they will be transporting.

The customer pays for the order online, in advance. In Xpress Delivery, the courier doesn’t need to carry cash. All payments go through the app.

A Shopper is a courier who, after receiving an order in the app, goes to the customer's selected Biedronka store. There, he precisely completes the order, then scans the code from the app and delivers the full order right to the customer's door.

City Drive pays the salary for work in Glovo XL on a weekly basis. So you can expect to receive payment in your account up to 4 times a month.

To join the Glovo XL team, you must meet several conditions. First of all, knowledge of the Polish language is required (the shopper will contact the customer, suggesting substitutes for unavailable products) and you have to be at least 18. You must have your own car (as shopping can be quite heavy), a phone with internet access and a current sanitary-epidemiological examination. You'll also need a thermo box, which you'll buy from us, diligence in performing your assigned tasks, and having a fleet partner (City Drive). 

The biggest benefits are attractive earnings - order rates are as high as PLN 40 - and in-app bonuses. 

Yes, Glovo XL couriers work on a schedule that they set for themselves - there is no predefined number of hours to fulfill.

At Glovo XL, customers pay using a payment card in the app.