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New courier application! You need to know this before you start working at Lola Market

Lola Market - What is It?
New courier application! You need to know this before you start working at Lola Market

The world of delivery constantly brings us many experiences, and this time is no different. It's all thanks to the emergence of a new courier application in the Polish market called Lola Market. We had to wait a bit for the first recruitments, but now Lola is moving full steam ahead and is waiting for new couriers (or rather, Shoppers, but more on that later).

Read this article and find out why it's worth working at Lola Market. We'll discuss all the pros and cons so you can decide for yourself whether you want to take up the job. We'll also tell you a bit about the earnings of a Lola Market courier. This app will have no secrets from you!

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Lola Market - What is it?

As you already know, Lola Market is a new courier application. Why should you be interested in it? Because it definitely stands out from the competition. Lola replaces the concept of a courier with the concept of a Shopper. This is not just a marketing gimmick - a Shopper has more responsibilities than a courier.

Are you curious about what a Shopper does at Lola Market? First of all, a Shopper shops for the customer. Their task is to find the right products (in accordance with the received list) and then deliver them within 2 hours to the specified address. That's it in a nutshell.

There's one more important thing. Currently, Lola Market is looking for couriers in Warsaw. The app is just getting started, so it will surely be available in other cities soon - and we will let you know about it!

In Lola Market, you can order (almost) everything from Biedronka. What can't you order? For example, alcohol and tobacco products - for that, you need to go to the store yourself. Does someone need vegetables, dairy products, or cutlets for lunch? The Shopper will pick up the order and deliver it right to the door.


Working at Lola Market - Requirements, Who Can Work in the App?

In a moment, you will find out what requirements you need to meet to work at Lola Market. We'll let you know - there are a few (but there are also cool bonuses).

To become a courier at Lola Market, you must:

  • be at least 18 years old,
  • have a driver's license and a car,
  • have a smartphone with internet access,
  • obtain a health and epidemiological book,
  • know the Polish language - well enough to communicate with the customer when it turns out that the product they ordered is not available at Biedronka, and you need to find a substitute

You also need to remember that shopping can be heavy. It may seem like just a walk from Biedronka to the car, which you will use to deliver the completed order, but it can be difficult for some! If you have experience carrying supermarket bags and are responsible for carrying bags during shopping with your girlfriend, then this job is definitely for you - but seriously, it's not that difficult.

Why It's Worth Working at Lola Market? Earnings and More

We know that Lola Market has certain requirements for couriers, but the app also offers something in return! Lola Market couriers (or rather, Shoppers) can count on cool bonuses, competitive compensation, a flexible schedule - hourly slots can be reserved in the app, and payouts are handled by us, the City Drive fleet partner.

You're probably also wondering how much a Lola Market courier earns. We saved the best for last! A Lola Market courier receives 45 PLN + VAT for each order. This is a very good rate - if you diligently accept the assignments assigned to you, you will have a pretty decent amount in your account after a week of work!

You already know everything about working at Lola Market. Are you in Warsaw? Then fill out the form and join the team of Shoppers. We're waiting for you!