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Work as a courier: Glovo

If you want to make some extra cash, I recommend working with Glovo. The earnings are cool, and you can also score some cool bonuses, so it's worth it. I don't juggle with other apps, and I'm making some nice sums."

Ivan, 29

Work as a courier: Glovo

If you want to make some extra cash, I recommend working with Glovo. The earnings are cool, and you can also score some cool bonuses, so it's worth it. I don't juggle with other apps, and I'm making some nice sums."

Ivan, 29

What’s the deal with Glovo?

What’s the deal with Glovo?

Glovo is an app with a super cool mission - they dream of a world where every person has access to what their city offers - food, supermarket goodies, and even cosmetics. Who can help them better than Glovers? 

Glovers, aka the Glovo couriers. They're the ones who quickly fulfill orders and deliver delicious food, pharmacy meds, and even fragrant flowers right to your doorstep. Delivery has no limits, and Glovo knows it well! 

This giant operates in 25 countries worldwide and has over 60,000 active couriers delivering with them every month! Just WOW. 

Want to be part of the courier missions and deliver more than just food? Choose Glovo and let us help you with everything else.

Register now.
The city is waiting for you!


Hit the road. Glovo is waiting!

Payday every week or 2

Glovers don’t have to wait a whole month to see the money in their account. The transfer comes to you every week or 2 weeks - go to your profile in the City Drive panel and choose the option that suits you best. 

Smile, please!

Did you know that ratings in the app can affect Glovo couriers' earnings? Deliver your orders the best you can and enjoy some extra cash. And that's not all - there are other bonuses waiting for you in the Glovo app too!

Always on time

At Glovo, you work on a schedule. Reserve the shifts that suit you, but remember to check the app when you have some free time - there might be an open slot.

Your gadgets

You'll need a smartphone with internet, your own vehicle, and some cash. That's all and that's it. But remember, we're happy to rent you an electric bike.


That's how many Glovo couriers drive with City Drive


This is the average monthly salary of a Glovo courier


That's how much a courier earns on average per delivery


This is the average number of deliveries completed by a courier per week


This is how much the best City Drivers working for Glovo earn per week

See what we can do

City Drive is more than a regular Glovo fleet partner. We’ve got your back! We guide you from A to Z. Step by step.

Work should be enjoyable for you, so we take care of all the paperwork. We provide an express start because we know that time is money.

And one more thing. We’re humans too, we also run errands, and we’ve also (more than once) encountered misunderstanding from employers. That’s why your comfort is so important to us.

Working with City Drive means: 


  • Legal employment (contract of mandate or B2B)
  • Insurance
  • Assistance with legalizing your stay
  • Provided equipment
  • Electric bike rental and service
  • 50% VAT refund for work accessories
  • Support from an experienced supervisor
  • Access to the largest courier groups on Facebook
  • Instant contact: Messenger, Telegram, Instagram
  • Events and integrations
  • Contests and company merchandise
  • Referral program

No biggie!
Our commission is only 30 PLN

No biggie!
Our commission is only 30 PLN

Every week or 2 weeks, we take 30 PLN from you. It all depends on what billing frequency you have chosen on your profile in the City Drive panel. Ride to your heart’s content without worrying about a thing. Planning to take a break for the entire billing period? The money stays in your account. Simple! 

We always make sure you can earn a lot. We don’t hide the rates, because there’s no need to. 

Want to work for 1 app or 8? It doesn't matter to us. We sign 1 contract and take a commission for each app - no additional percentages or commitments. 

The best fleet partner for Glovo? Definitely City Drive. 

Join the City Drivers team

We won't show you a long list of conditions you need to meet to work with us. Why? Because we have just a few. 

Glovo requires you to be of legal age. You'll also need a thermal backpack, a vehicle, and a document - either an ID card or a passport. Psst! We admire your enthusiasm for learning, but we don't accept school IDs. 


Ready? Go tothe courier panel nd join us. Provide your details and wait for a move from our side. We'll get in touch with you via email or phone.

Hint: Answer calls from unknown numbers - it could be us ;)


Sign the contract and provide your bank account number in the courier panel. And now, apply to Glovo and wait! They will contact you within 14 days, but if not, let us know - we'll reach out to them. 


Did they get back to you? Follow the instructions they sent you in the email - complete the training, submit the documents, and download the Glovo app on iOS or Android. That's it. 

Hey, do you have the equipment? Contact us, and we'll arrange a thermal bag, a bicycle, and everything you need. With us, you can really work it out. 

Know the answer to your question

Earnings in Glovo depend on the number of orders you fulfill. The more orders you deliver in the billing period, the more you will earn. Your earnings consist of the following elements: base rate, distance, waiting time, optional address change, bonuses, and challenges. The top City Drive couriers earn up to 10,500 PLN per month in Glovo!

City Drive pays your Glovo salary weekly or every 2 weeks. - Choose the convenient option for you in the City Drive panel in the "profile" tab. Regardless of your choice, our commission is 30 PLN (charged weekly or every 2 weeks). 

Your balance should be 70 PLN. If you actively work in the next billing period, the surplus is yours, and its value will be deducted from your payment for that billing period.

If a courier doesn't have any slots reserved for the next week of work, they need to deposit cash using Cash Collect. Thanks to Glovo's collaboration with the DotPay system, you can deposit cash at any time.

If a courier has less than 20 or exactly 20 slots reserved for the next week, their cash balance should be 35 PLN. Glovo will send a notification to inform the courier that they need to deposit the surplus amount into their account.

If a courier has more than 20 slots reserved, their cash balance should be 70 PLN.

The Excellence Score allows you to check the reputation of a courier. It is determined by factors such as customer ratings and orders delivered during peak hours. The higher the courier's Excellence Score, the quicker they gain access to the calendar schedule.


Combine work with Glovo and:

Glovo at City Drive? I recommend it!

"Awesome service and support when setting up the account and getting it approved in Glovo. I've been working with them for a few months and I'm really happy. I recommend them to anyone looking for both part-time and full-time work."


"I recommend City Drive. They're reliable, on-time with settlements and payments too. City Drive handles my earnings from Glovo. They're super professional and always on time."


"I'm satisfied with this partner. I have a good working relationship with them for Glovo."


And grab your first order