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How much does an Uber Eats courier earn and how much does Glovo earn?

Earnings at Uber Eats
How much does an Uber Eats courier earn and how much does Glovo earn?

What factors do we consider when choosing a job? There are several aspects to consider. Typically, we value a pleasant atmosphere, both mentally and physically, and a job that aligns with our interests. Of course, money is also important (and for some, the most important) – whether you are a courier, driver, baker, or footballer, everyone wants to earn well.

Especially for you, we have prepared a comparison of earnings in two food delivery apps beloved by couriers. How much does an Uber Eats courier earn? How much does a Glovo courier earn? You'll find out by reading this article.

Earnings at Uber Eats

        Before we get into specifics, we need to clarify a few things that truly affect earnings at Uber Eats. The most important thing is that in this app, you work without a fixed schedule. You don't set hours or days in advance when you want to fulfill orders – you can decide on your work spontaneously and open the app whenever you have time. In Uber Eats, you can work with any mode of transportation – it's up to you whether you choose a bicycle, scooter, or car.

As you probably guessed, earnings at Uber Eats depend on how many deliveries you make. Take this into account when choosing your mode of transportation. The more time you dedicate to deliveries and the more orders you deliver to satisfied customers, the more you'll earn.

In Uber Eats, you are paid per delivery, but you can also count on multipliers. And this is the best part! Thanks to multipliers, you can earn up to 1.5 times more on each order. So, let's say the order is worth $20, but you have a 1.5 multiplier (just multiply). Thanks to the multiplier, instead of $20, you'll receive $30!

You can also increase your Uber Eats earnings through quests and promotions that may be waiting for you in the app from time to time.

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Earnings at Glovo

So, how does it work at Glovo? The main difference is that in this app, you work on a schedule. However, you don't have to worry because the schedule is not set for the entire month. You reserve slots twice a week and work when you have time – without long-term commitments or changing plans. Of course, you can also check the Glovo app every day and book slots that have become available. We recommend regularly checking the calendar because it's an opportunity for additional earnings!

At Glovo, you work on a schedule, so you are paid an hourly rate. But that's not all! Glovo couriers can also expect various types of bonuses! It's worth being engaged in your work because bonuses will be added to your account if you deliver during peak hours, in adverse weather conditions, or if the customer changes the delivery location after you've already picked up the order. Tips and high ratings in the app? Great, that also affects your rate.

How much does an Uber Eats courier earn?

You already know what factors influence earnings at Uber Eats. So let's get into specifics. However, don't rely too much on the amounts you see because every courier works differently. Some deliver food only on weekends, while others work full-time – and all of this affects their earnings.

Uber Eats couriers earn an average of $18-20 per hour. Weekly earnings on average are around $400. But that's not all! Some people work full-time for Uber Eats – the best couriers at Uber Eats can even earn $6,000 per month. Have you ever wondered if you can make good money as a courier? Well, now you have the answer!

How much does a Glovo courier earn?

Appetite comes with eating, so you're probably wondering how much Glovo couriers earn. We have good news for you! Of course, it depends on how many slots a given courier reserves, but the hourly rate at Glovo is $25-30. The specific amount depends on the city you work in, but we can tell you one thing: it's worth reserving a lot of slots.

Our couriers earn an average of $600 weekly (net) at Glovo. That's a pretty decent amount, but wait until you find out how much the best Glovo couriers earn. People who work for Glovo can earn up to $10,500 per month! These are the real record holders at City Drive.

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You now know the earnings in the Glovo and Uber Eats apps. The amounts are impressive, and we are very pleased that our couriers earn well. Also, remember that Glovo pays every week or two weeks, while Uber Eats pays weekly.

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