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What kind of work for a student?

What kind of work for a student?

Student life? Not much in your bank account, long hours spent at university, daily classes, quizzes, lots of worries... Being a student doesn't have to be terrible! Do you think it's impossible to find the best job for a student? Ha – it's possible! How to earn money while studying without worries? We provide you with a ready solution to add a few pennies (or even more) to your wallet.

Working as a Daytime Student

You're probably wondering where to earn some money. When taking on a job, you might also worry that you won't have time for studying, classes, and, most importantly, meeting friends. Do you think that working as a daytime student is impossible? You're mistaken! It doesn't matter where you live – by the sea, in the mountains, in Warsaw, or in Łódź. Working while studying during the day is entirely possible in every city!

How to Earn Money While Studying Without Worries?

Are you looking for that perfect job? Without stress, without a mean boss, with plenty of hours to spare? We have a great suggestion for you – you can take on an additional job and work as a food delivery driver! Alright, but what's great about delivering food?

  • You don't have to work specific hours – on weekends, between classes, part-time, full-time, a few hours... you don't have to commit,
  • You can drive using whatever you want – car, bike, scooter, motorcycle, skateboard, rollerblades,
  • No job interviews – you fill out a form, we call you, you register, and you're good to go,
  • You can start working whenever you want – even from tomorrow,
  • You receive payments weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

What's really important is the city you live in, the city where you study. Student jobs in Warsaw? You have a wide range of apps to choose from: Uber Eats, Glovo, Deligoo, Xpress Delivery, Żabka Jush, Stuart, Bolt Food, Wolt, Bolt, Uber, FreeNow. Literally every app! Not every app is available in all cities in Poland, but we assure you that if you're a student, there will be couriers in your area, so no worries. Let's take Łódź, for example – you can choose from all the apps except Żabka Jush. As you can see, there are plenty of job opportunities!

The Best Job for a Student: How to Start Working as a Courier/Delivery Person? 

We don't play complicated recruitment games or have job interviews. It's easy and enjoyable with us! You choose the app available in your city, register in the app, and then with us, and you can hit the road. You can handle everything without leaving your home! You can even start working as soon as tomorrow!

Do you have any questions related to the job? We're here to help!

Write to us, call us, drop by our office... We have professional support that will clear all your doubts and answer all your questions!